High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever


Released: 2010, through Green Man Games

High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever was my first game as a designer, as well as the first released game for which I had a significant role as a writer. Originally developed for Eidos, the game was announced in 2008, but delayed until 2010 by unforeseen circumstances including Eidos’ sale to Square Enix and DR Studios’ decision to buy the game and IP for self-publishing.

I was responsible for overseeing the storylines for three of the six possible love-interests, ensuring narrative clarity and writing a significant portion of the dialogue in the game for them. I also provided additional design for the remaining three characters and a number of side-quests.

My most significant contribution was working alongside the two external writers hired to provide the release-quality dialogue, also giving feedback on their work where necessary and writing second-drafts of any dialogue which fell short of the required standard. In many cases, I was the sole writer for certain sections of the script and I wrote the majority of the ending scenes for all six characters, both providing the original drafts and polishing the reworked dialogue.

When the dialogue was recorded, I also provided voice-direction alongside the recording-studio’s director due to my familiarity with the scripts. As such, I was involved in every aspect of the game’s narrative design from inception to release.

It was a long development cycle, running from late 2007 to early 2010, and did not receive widespread exposure, but gathered a significant amount of positive feedback from its target demographic.

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