Dragons’ Den


I was lucky enough to work as the project lead for the Dragons’ Den iPhone game, based on the successful TV program, in mid-2010. The copyright holders, 2waytraffic, had a very basic idea of how they would like the game to work and I was tasked with developing it into a pitch which they could then greenlight.

Working as the lead designer, I created a robust pitch to explain my vision for the game and expanded this into a full design, integrating their feedback and addressing their concerns. When we moved into prototype development, I took on additional producer responsibilities and oversaw the artists and programmers to ensure that the project remained on-schedule, using a Scrum methodology to deliver weekly milestone-builds to the rights-holders.

Soon after the game entered beta, the studio was forced to reduce staffing-levels and I was one of the unfortunate developers made redundant. I then worked with Mete Djemal, who had been my mentor when I first joined the studio, to bring him up to speed on the project so that he could complete it in my place.

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